Competitive Computers is now CCI Managed Services – New Look!

It is with great enthusiasm that I share our new brand and what it means to you our customers as an important phase in our evolution is taking place this summer.

Competitive Computers was founded in 1987 and has a proud history that includes retail computer sales and general PC repair services.  In 2007 we became a Managed Service Provider or MSP.  This occurred through the acquisition of network monitoring software and was built around the VIP managed service agreements we have been offering since then.  Today we have over 100 agreements spanning nearly every kind of organization in 3 States, some 4100 PC’s, notebooks and servers under management.

Our transition continued in 2012 when we exited retail sales and general repair services to focus on contract services.  By choosing to work with organizations under contracts we were able to navigate the great recession and expand our business gradually.

In 2015 we recognized the need to evolve again.  Managed Services is not a new business and the plans we have been offering can be confusing for our customers.  Many of you struggle to understand what is included in your agreement and what is “billable” on an hourly basis beyond that.  We also recognize the need to provide a greater degree of personal and proactive consulting services.  The new agreements do these things and more.

So the plan to offer new “Complete Care” agreements with more features and a flat fee for unlimited services has been in the work for some time.  Along the way we realized that our company name and logo needed to better convey who we have become as an organization.  The decision to coordinate a rebranding with the launch of new agreements was made earlier this year.

In July we will transition to doing business as CCI Managed Services.  A fresh new logo accompanies this change.  We will also begin offering new agreements that include unlimited services for a fixed fee.  The new agreements aim to simplify billing, provide a predictable cost to our customers, and will include things that were previously offered as additions or not at all.  They are value oriented and will be offered side by side with our traditional plans for the foreseeable future.

The job of presenting and pricing these new plans will be substantial.  We expect it will take quite a few months to do a thorough job of this for each customer we work with today.  Please be patient.  We do welcome your expression of interest in this kind of plan and will prioritize our efforts to reach customers based in part on a desire to entertain this kind of change.

Hopefully you share our excitement in making this announcement.  It is a privilege to be able to make this happen!  Nothing would be possible without the confidence, input and continued support we receive from you, our customers.  For that we are very grateful.  It is our commitment to provide a valuable and evolving service that drives these changes.  Stay tuned for more details as this unfolds.

Michael J. Demars
Competitive Computers
DBA CCI Managed Services


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