Our History

CCI Managed Services has a really unique story that begins with our owner, Michael Demars, working in his dad’s insurance agency, tasked with setting up an IBM PC to replace a typewriter and paper files. With that experience and facing the cost of putting his first car on the road, Demars founded Competitive Computers and began helping other small businesses acquire and use early DOS based PCs for a wide variety of purposes.

By high school graduation, the business had a legitimate and growing base of clients and Demars was looking to hire a few people to help him. Over the next 10 years the company would sell thousands of PCs and expand into prime retail space before plans were made to build our current facilities in the year 2000.

Since then, the focus tightened around contract services and the company became a managed service provider in 2007 dropping retail operations a few years later. We continued investing in hiring and training local technical talent and have been able to retain a core of gifted individuals dedicated to successful careers working for our valued customers. We changed our name to CCI Managed Services in May 2016 and launched our current Complete Care contracts later that year.


Today CCI manages over 50 customers in 7 states under Complete Care. We continue to leverage key vendor relationships to support dozens of solutions designed to promote secure, reliable and productive network use.

Essentially our 35 year heritage has enabled us to offer a successful turnkey IT department solution for organizations from 2 people to over 200. Our clients are in nearly every industry with a substantial component of non-profit, manufacturing, local government, and K-12 schools as well.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how CCI can help your organization become more secure and productive while avoiding IT drama.

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