Just wanted to pass along our thanks for the excellent work your team does for NHI day in and day out.

Recently they went above and beyond to help us clean out the IT area and organize it and get the server room organized as well. With all the new equipment rollouts, and years of neglect prior to CCI, it had become quite a mess. This may seem like a small thing, but we are working hard to implement a Lean-Driven culture at NHI and one of the cornerstones is 5S organization (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5S_(methodology)). When all of our production workers see that our suppliers and office employees practice this organization technique as well, it reinforces the culture and shows them we are all one team.

CCI’s ability to integrate with its customer’s culture is just one more reason it stands head and shoulders above the rest. And you do a damn fine job of hiring great people, as well.

J. H.
New Hampshire Industries

We have been working with CCI since the fall of 2013 and have been under a Complete Care contract for a little over a year (as of 2018). This was the best decision we made with regards to IT. They helped us stabilize our network and prepare for the future. The service is always excellent. We call and they are there. Being under contract eliminates the worry of what will our bill be this month. They handle the day-to-day situations, provide monitoring and anti-virus, manage windows updates and much more. I only get a call if they need me to work on something from my end. They know when a pc is going bad before the end user does. The quarterly reviews keep us in the know and help us find any bottlenecks or recurring issues.

I highly recommend their services. It is like having an entire IT staff at your fingertips.

A. B.
Belletetes Inc.

As a new customer located about an hour and a half away from Claremont, I am delighted to report that the service has been outstanding. And I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding dedication demonstrated by James and Chris throughout our “painful” transition. Chris has been most congenial, helpful and patient with all of our onsite issues. The rest of your staff has been most helpful when interacting with us on calls, especially Lauren.

James, however, sets himself apart from the great team effort and has demonstrated time and again including over weekends and during flu like symptoms, his absolute determination to make this the best IT experience that NRRA has had. Given our reparation as the “burial ground for IT systems”, James has continually gone above and beyond to resolve issues as they arose including researching them on his own time I am sure.

CCI is very fortunate to have employees this conscientious and dedicated which matches the NRRA employee model so it is easy to recognize but also easy to overlook sometimes.”

M. D.
Northeast Resource Recovery Association

As a non-profit organization we have to watch every penny. When Michael came to us with the new Managed Services Complete Care contract two years ago, I was leery because it seemed expensive and required some upgrades on our end. Michael spent a lot of time explaining contract and answering our questions. We also worked out a hardware upgrade schedule that didn’t blow our budget.

We are very pleased with the switch to the Managed Services [Complete Care] contract. Being able to call and have our issues addressed right away has saved us countless hours of troubleshooting time and aggravation. The service CCI provides is always fast and professional. And our Technical Account Manager, George, is the best!

T. O.
Green Mountain Horse Association