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Stop Password Thieves with Multifactor Authentication

“Every year, cyber criminals become savvier with their phishing attacks and have tried-and-tested methods to deceive and steal from their victims.” [Source : Terranova Security] To illustrate this, Zdnet’s shocking cyber security report states that “Microsoft cloud services are seeing 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts every day.” That is unbelievable! How can you prevent this… Read More »

Software Patch Management – What & When to Update?

It’s like a never-ending game of cat and mouse. The cycle starts with software hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in software networks before the users and manufacturers know about them, stealing data and reaping financial booty (e.g., ransomware attacks). Software manufacturers respond by releasing patches to fix the holes in the security armor. And finally, IT professionals… Read More »

Multifactor Authentication Mitigates Password Breach Risk

  Did you know that most company security breaches are caused by employee misuse of passwords? You would think that, with all the security training programs companies require their employees to sit through these days, password problems would no longer be a major cause of security intrusions. Perhaps employees should do more than “sit through”… Read More »

Localizing IT Managed Services from Keene to the Upper Valley

CCI’s roots as a local computer and technology retailer taught us the value of communicating in a thorough, accurate and cheerful manner. Starting up in the late 1980s, we learned the immense value of clear communications in the building of mutually beneficial relationships. As time went on and markets evolved, our clients needed more than… Read More »