Guarding Data Backups Avoids Drama and Disaster

August 2, 2022

It’s important to know a few things about your backups. First, is there any way they could be encrypted or deleted during an attack. And second, can the data be stolen while in transmission or at rest?

An “Air Gap” is Crucial

Start by looking at what accounts can access the backup software and the backup storage. Are credentials for that software or storage shared with the system(s) being backed up? If so, it may be possible for a common ransomware attack to encrypt your backups! Make sure you have an “air gap” separating backup software and storage from your network.

During a backup we move data across our network and probably across the public Internet too. Make sure that data is encrypted from point to point, or you could lose control of confidential information and face a costly and embarrassing problem.

And how about physical access? Thankfully the days of putting a backup tape in your pocket and heading home from the office are mostly over! With that said, it’s important to have local backup storage in a secure space.

Your Encryption Prescription

What if the door to your business gets broken into? Making sure backups are encrypted will prevent the outright theft of hardware from becoming a data breech. Most systems can support “at rest” encryption but it needs to be setup, and the decryption keys need to be stored in a secure place. This is especially important for offsite “cloud” backups where you may not have any access to the hardware.

Making sure your backups are secure takes a little planning, but if you know what you need and take the time to put it in place, your data will be protected and remain yours for keeps!

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