Localizing IT Managed Services from Keene to the Upper Valley

November 30, 2022

localizing it managed services from keene

CCI’s roots as a local computer and technology retailer taught us the value of communicating in a thorough, accurate and cheerful manner. Starting up in the late 1980s, we learned the immense value of clear communications in the building of mutually beneficial relationships.

As time went on and markets evolved, our clients needed more than an IT hardware supplier. They needed a technology partner, and our local retail experience served us well in building more integral business relationships. The clients who knew us face to face tended to be more forthcoming with important information, and that helped us improve their operations.

By 2007, we officially changed our business model to Managed Service Provider (MSP) enabling our clients and us to grow as technology partners. Business continued to expand beyond the Claremont, NH area. This significant growth enabled us to choose where to ultimately base our home offices. While other parts of New England offered denser populations and seemingly more lucrative opportunities, a strategic decision had to be made; stay or relocate. The decision was and is, we’re not going anywhere!

The Strategic Location Decision

The decision to base our company in Claremont, NH came down to a few key considerations:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Quality of life
  • Educated, motivated people
  • Ability to serve with excellence
  • Relationships

Staying in Claremont might limit our personal presence in larger markets. However, relocating would take us away from where many of us grew up as well as the opportunities right under our noses.


The burgeoning education, medical, manufacturing and technology industries in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont are just up the road from our office. A growing industrial and services base in Keene and the Monadnock Region as well as the Connecticut Valley towns in Vermont offer business opportunities in the other direction, and here we are, right in the middle of it all. We can personally serve clients from Hanover, Norwich and Lebanon down to Brattleboro, Keene and Peterborough.


For us, the quality of life in this area is second to none. If you enjoy the outdoors like we do, the Sugar River Valley, in which Claremont is centered, is an outdoors paradise offering watersports, hiking, trail riding, skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, sightseeing and much more.


Nearby state colleges, technical institutes and private universities including Dartmouth College provide a steady output of well-trained, highly skilled employment candidates for careers in the IT industry.


The people here are educated and motivated to succeed in their chosen career positions. They are dedicated to the strong work ethic and service culture that are common to this part of Northern New England. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated team from this region, most with over 10 years with us.

Trust in Your Local MSP

Trust is the key to progress and confidential communication is the key to earning trust when it comes to managing vital information. Knowing our customers personally helps ideas flow freely. Creativity combines with knowhow and better solutions result.

To us, “IT Services” means managing and protecting data so that communications flow properly and securely. When all parties have access to the right information, everyone can be on the same page and the best work gets done. Secure networks and unified communications lead to greater productivity and growth.

Our successful Complete Care managed services model is largely the result of learning what’s most important to enterprises and small businesses by working closely with them, some for decades. As we continue to grow our business with customers all over New England, CCI is pleased to call Claremont, NH home and keep improving technology services from Keene to the Upper Valley.

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