And it’s also affordable.

  • It leverages Microsoft Teams (part of Microsoft 365) for hosting meetings but works with Zoom and Webex meetings too.
  • It’s built around an elegant touchscreen “IOT” appliance from Lenovo that connects everything together and makes it easy to host and manage a meeting from your conference room.
  • It connects the presentation TV, microphone/speaker pod and camera via reliable wired connections that are drama free.
  • It provides a cord for an HDMI or Displayport connection to a presentation notebook – also rock solid reliable.
  • But it also is super easy for anyone in the conference room or remote to present wirelessly just by joining the meeting from their device.


We tested microphone speaker pods and found the best options for small, medium and larger rooms.


We tested video cameras and settled on one from Logitech that pans and tilts and zooms (optically) via an easy to use remote control.

Easy Setup

We developed a standardized deployment guide for our techs to follow.

So Covid has been a pain, but it did push CCI to rapidly evolve our conferencing solution and WOW is it AWESOME.

Most of the people I have spoken to are thinking that “work from home” will continue to be much more common long after Covid is gone. So having a great conferencing solution will be an investment that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

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